Here you can find resources on the research tutorials I gave during my career.


In this tutorial, PhD students and early stage researchers will be introduced to techniques that take the name of evidential reasoning and learning from the process of Bayesian update of given hypotheses based on additional evidence collected. The tutorial provides the reader with a gentle introduction to the area of investigation, the up-to-date research outcomes, and the open questions still left unanswered.


In this tutorial PhD students, early stage researchers, and machine learning experts will be introduced to current state-of-the-art approaches of argumentation technology that leverage machine learning and current state-of-the-art approaches to machine learning that leverage argumentation technology.


In this tutorial we aim at providing PhD students, early stage researchers, and experts from different fields of AI with a clear understanding of argumentation in AI and with a set of tools they can start using in order to advance the field.

20 Years after Dung

Argumentation technology is a rich interdisciplinary area of research that, in the last twenty years, has emerged as one of the most promising paradigms for commonsense reasoning and conflict resolution in a great variety of domains.